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The Bible tells us that the eye is the vessel of the entire body. If the eye is filled with light so will the body. If the eye is filled with darkness then so will the body. I have realized that my body has been filled with darkness for a long time. I came to the realization that God has treated me better than i have treated myself. I asked God why he continues to bless me when I all I do is ignore and disobey him? My tendency to disobey God starts in my very thoughts. The potential for sin increases whenever I think negatively. I realized that if my thoughts are negative the negativity seeks into my language and my tongue becomes wicked.

It has taken so long for me to realize this and had I realized this initially I would have understood how easy it is for the eyes and the tongue to ignite mischief and sin. My eyes became focused on my wants and desires leading to selfishness; while my tongue became a weapon to hurt and destroy others. My downfall was twofold: the unrelenting pursuit to satisfy the flesh and the destruction of myself and others with my wicked and foul tongue. The burden has become too much to bear. I can no longer continue down this path of death and destruction. I can no longer continue to disrespect and disobey the Heavenly Father who has continued to love me unconditionally.

There was no unfortunate event that made me realize how blessed I have been. It was the realization that I am a taker. I have taken ALL the blessings God has bestowed upon me while giving him nothing. This is something I can no longer do. I cannot continue to take from the Heavenly Father while I blaspheme his name through my thoughts, words, and actions.

The very idea that I could demand that God give me more and more is unfathomable when he has already made me wealthy beyond my dreams. He has given me a great job; a home; a car; and healthy children. He has allowed me to stay healthy. And yet, I continue to curse his name through my thoughts, words and actions. I can do this no longer. I not only need to change but I want to change. Change however, is not easy. It is difficult and demanding. But so is the idea of moving forward in this world knowing that I have disobeyed the one who has given me so much.

I have come to the realization that the absence of God is the embrace of misery. I have no desire to be miserable any longer.


One of the big controversies recently is how Twitter, Google, Apple and Microsoft banned conspiracy theorist Alex Jones from their platforms. Silicon Valley has been trapped in Trump-hating-mania using their immense power to silence conservative voices through the tweaking of algorithms or in some cases just outright banning conservatives altogether. To say that Silicon Valley is an extended arm of the Left and the Democratic Party is an understatement. ‘Conservatives’ and I use that word lightly because some are only masquerading as conservatives, want the government to step in and hold the tech giants, i.e., the ‘Masters of the Universe’ (as referred to by Breitbart News) accountable for what they consider to be the censorship of conservative voices. Somehow, these ‘private companies’ should be held accountable by Congress for suppressing conservative thought.

Wait, maybe I must’ve missed something? Conservatives want the government to intervene in the affairs of corporations? If President Trump’s 2016 election victory has done anything it has exposed the hypocrisy on both sides of the political spectrum. I have spent much time exposing the hypocrisy of the Left but now I feel it necessary to expose the RINO’s or so-called ‘conservatives’. Is it shady that Silicon Valley social media giants are banning opposing political thought and censoring Trump proponents on their platforms? I guess. I mean after all they are not government run entities and the very idea that conservatives who supposedly despise big government want the government to step in and force the social media giants to allow conservatives free reign on their platforms is utter hypocrisy.

So let me understand? Government intervention in our daily lives is supposed to be limited unless ‘conservatives’ are being banned on Twitter? Give me a break. First of all, conservatives groaned when a judge ordered a baker to make wedding cakes for gays but yet so-called conservatives want the government to step in and force Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg to allow so-called conservatives on Twitter and Facebook? Yeah, ok. Secondly, and it saddens me to say, the Alt Left has built their own empire they are now using to push the leftist-globalist agenda.

While us so-called conservatives were busy defending the stupidity of George W. Bush and his fake ‘War on Terror’ in the early to mid-2000s, progressives were busy experimenting with the Internet and using their creativity to find new ways to foster widespread interaction on the Internet. MySpace and other file-sharing platforms served as the launching pads for Twitter, Facebook and Google. Simply put, ‘conservatives’ missed the boat on innovation. This was the time when the Sunday morning political talk shows were basically owned by so-called ‘conservatives’ (many of whom are the same ‘Deep State’ operatives working today to undermine President Trump) who defended the awful decision by George W. Bush and his Neocon thugs to send American men and women into the killing fields of Afghanistan without justification.

Progressive opinion was virtually scoffed at on the Sunday morning political talk shows and so progressives continued to experiment with the Internet and build their platforms into the social media giants we see today. For all the ‘conservative’ talk of how capitalism ‘unleashes creativity and innovation’ conservatives became stagnant and assumed that Sunday morning political talk shows, the major broadcast networks and major newspapers would keep progressive opinion silent forever. And yes, I do remember a time when the Washington Post and the New York Times basically attacked progressive and black opinion. I remember when they labeled progressives and black power activists as ‘conspiracy theorists’. The major networks and establishment newspapers are for sale to the highest bidders. What Trump’s 2016 Election victory did was to make them realize that they are bleeding money; that in the Digital Age where ANY information can be acquired in a millisecond on a smartphone no one wants to waste time opening up a newspaper anymore. So they ALL jumped on board and in bed with Silicon Valley not so much because they despise conservatives but to save themselves. Pathetic? Yes. But what else would one expect from the mainstream media?

So now, the Right is stuck in a web of it’s own making. Simply put, technological creativity and innovation live on the left side of the American political spectrum not on the Right. If so-called conservatives could create their own social media platforms to go toe-to-toe with Twitter, Google and Facebook they would have already rather than shamelessly begging the same government they despise to step in and force Silicon Valley to let them speak. The fact of the matter is like it or not Twitter, Google and Facebook are sound platforms for communication in the Digital Age. The ‘Masters of the Universe’ continue to use their creativity to tweak the platforms to make them easy to use and more importantly aesthetically pleasing to their users.

For years the Right has shunned Silicon Valley and now the Masters of the Universe have used their platforms to push their political thought into various segments of American culture and society. Is this good? Hell no! But their influence is far-reaching and the Right is divided. To ask President Trump to combat Silicon Valley is like asking an ant to lift an elephant. The reality is that so-called ‘conservatives’ many of whom despised Donald Trump originally now want him to engage in a fight he can’t win. It isn’t President Trump’s fault that the Right has no foothold in Silicon Valley and we would do wise to remember that.